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Student Council

All students of the Faculty of Architecture and Civil Engineering belong to the Student Council, i.e. not just the elected members as student representatives, which form the executive body of the Student Council. In common parlance, however, student representatives are usually referred to as the student council. The student council is elected once a semester at a student council plenary meeting (FVV) by all students of the faculty and is therefore the highest decision-making body, i.e. the representation of students' interests. The work of the student representatives is voluntary and honorary and consists to a large extent of participation in the faculty's commissions and committees, such as the Faculty Council, the appointment committees or the Examination Board. However, the student council also serves as a link to the AStA, although it has nothing to do with its party or list political structure. In addition, the elected members of the student council take care of all student matters: they advise students on questions and problems, plan the O-phase (welcome week), sell drawing and model-making materials and organize parties.

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