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General Information

The Faculty of Architecture and Civil Engineering forms an Examination Board for the organization of examinations and the tasks assigned by these examination regulations.

The Examination Board ensures that the provisions of the examination regulations are observed and ensures that the examinations are conducted properly. It is responsible for coordinating cross-faculty issues and problems.

Prof. Gottfried Müller is the Chairman of the Examination Board.

Autonomous registration is required for each examination at the Central Examination Office of TU Dortmund University(BOSS). Registration for seminars, projects and homework assignments must take place no later than four weeks after the start of the course or the issue of the assignment. Registration for oral examinations and written examinations must be completed no later than two weeks before the respective examination date. The respective examination dates and registration periods are announced by the lecturers and/or by the faculty's examination schedule at the beginning of the semester. Students who do not register on time may be refused participation in the examination. Proof of registration should be saved as a pdf file for security reasons.

Cancellation without giving reasons is possible up to one week before the respective examination date for oral examinations, up to one day before the respective examination date for written examinations and up to one day before the end of the registration period for seminars, projects and homework. The student is then deemed not to have registered for the examination.

An examination is deemed to have been graded as "insufficient" (5.0) or failed if the student does not deregister from the examination office (BOSS) in good time or if the candidate does not appear for an examination date without good reason or if he or she withdraws from the examination after the start of the examination without good reason.

The valid reasons asserted for the withdrawal or absence must be reported to the Central Examination Office immediately in writing and substantiated. In the event of illness on the part of the candidate, a doctor's certificate must confirm the inability to take the examination. By submitting a medical certificate, the student withdraws from all registered examinations for the period specified in the certificate. A timely and proper withdrawal from examinations in the event of illness (medical certificate) is not considered an examination failure.

Students may retake examinations from which they have withdrawn due to illness, for example, in the following examination period. In the case of project and design seminars or homework - with the exception of all written and oral examinations as well as the Bachelor's and Master's thesis - the student may submit a hardship application to be allowed to take the examination (e.g. the colloquium or the submission) early, i.e. not in the following regular examination period. This must be submitted in writing to the Faculty's Examination Board within one week of the examination date, stating the reasons for the request. In addition, the supervisor or the chair must be informed immediately of the illness and thus the missed submission (or colloquium). The performance/working status of the assignment to be completed at the time of the illness must also be submitted to the supervisor or the chair immediately (e.g. as a pdf, photo, etc. by email). The examination board of the faculty will check the submitted application for the existence of a case of hardship (e.g. serious illness, surgery that cannot be postponed, accident, death). If this is determined by the examination board, the student will be granted an extension of the processing time, the option of submitting the documents at a later date and taking the examination at a later date. The processing period and the submission of documents will be extended by the period stated in the medical certificate.

The respective chairs are responsible for further information on the examinations, such as location, time, permitted aids, etc. The examination dates are generally planned in such a way that there is no overlap between the regular and resit dates. Unfortunately, overlaps cannot be ruled out for examinations that are further away in the course of study. This must be taken into account when planning your studies.

Further information on exam registration and de-registration, sick leave, compensation for disadvantages, etc.

Here you will receive all important information on examination dates, support with registration and de-registration in BOSS, important information on submitting certificates and the routing slips for registering for Bachelor's and Master's theses

Contact person for the faculty: Karin Vogt

Student Services Department, Central Examination Administration, North Campus, Emil-Figge-Straße 61, Room E04/05, 44227 Dortmund

Appointment consultation hours - If required, please make an individual appointment by phone or e-mail for a personal visit on site.

Are you a student at another university or have you previously studied at another university and would like to have credits from your previous degree program recognized? Then please submit an application for recognition of examinations and send it by e-mail to the Academic Coordination Office.

Here you will find all the important information on applying for recognition of examinations.

Applications for special admission can be submitted for the following subjects:

  • P1
  • P2 - Bachelor thesis
  • P3
  • Master's thesis

Applications for special admission can be made if one or more admission requirements for participation in one of the subjects listed are missing and a valid justification is provided as to why not all admission requirements could be met. Incompleteness in itself is not a justification.

Bachelor's thesis / Master's thesis

  • Architecture and Urban Design degree program: No special admission applications will be accepted after the start of the Bachelor's/Master's thesis.
  • Civil Engineering degree program: Special admission applications for Bachelor's / Master's thesis are accepted at any time.

Missing grade entries

An application for special admission CANNOT be submitted if grades are still outstanding. The application can only be processed once it has been definitively established that an admission requirement is missing.

If a missing subject has already been passed but the grade has not yet been entered in the BOSS system, no application for special admission needs to be submitted, as the admission requirements have de facto already been met in full. In this case, it is sufficient to send a confirmation that the outstanding admission requirement has been passed to the respective supervising chair and the Examinations Office.

Those who require a specific exam grade as the last outstanding admission requirement should register with the relevant chair in a list before the exam so that their exams can be corrected in good time and the "pass"/"fail" notification can be issued.


Applications for special admission can be submitted at any time.


Applications for special admission are submitted in letter form to the Chair of the Examination Board, by e-mail, not by post.

You can find a template for a special admission application here.

A hardship application can be submitted if a serious illness results in longer periods of absence. The prerequisite for a hardship application is a medical certificate. A hardship application can extend the submission deadline for the subjects currently being taken; the extension period corresponds to the period of absence (number of days).

If it becomes apparent at the time of submitting the hardship application that the illness will continue, a withdrawal from participation in subjects without a failed attempt can be obtained in consultation with the supervising chairs and the Examinations Office.

A hardship application can also be submitted if there is a severe psychological burden due to a death in the student's own family.


Hardship applications can be submitted at any time.


Hardship applications are submitted in letter form to the Chair of the Examination Board, by e-mail, not by post. A medical certificate must be submitted to both the Examination Office and the Examination Board. In the event of death, a death certificate must be submitted subsequently.

If you have a chronic impairment or disability, you can apply to Prof. Gottfried Müller for compensation for disadvantages. Together with the professors concerned, we will look for an individual solution for you.


Compensation for disadvantages is submitted in the form of a letter to the Chair of the Examination Board, by e-mail, not by post.