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International Affairs of the Departmennt of Architecture and Civil Engineering

The Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering cooperates in many ways with universities around the world and enriches the studies of our students. By sharing knowledge, perspectives and experiences, we create an inspiring learning environment that promotes intercultural understanding and global collaboration.

Together with renowned faculties abroad, we work on innovative research projects that address global challenges. Through international guest lectures and workshops, we enhance courses and prepare students optimally for the demands of a globalized world.

Through our international partnerships, we offer our students the opportunity to participate in exchange programs and complete international internships. This enables them to discover new cultures, improve their language skills and develop valuable intercultural competencies.

The Department of International Affairs is responsible for maintaining international relations at TU Dortmund University. With support and advice, events and information, it supports mobility from all over the world and to all over the world - for students and employees alike. The International Meeting Center (IBZ) was built as a central place for dialogue on campus, which facilitates contacts between international students and globally active companies.