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Study Organization

The use of three main study portals is crucial for the smooth organization of your studies.

The BOSS (bologna online study service) contains study and examination administration functions for all students. This includes the provision of current information on re-registration, the download of study certificates, examination registration and the viewing of the transcript of records.

General operating instructions for navigation can be found here.

Moodle is mainly used for net-supported teaching, where students have the opportunity to join the classrooms for their courses. In these rooms, the lecturers make all relevant information (e.g. lecture notes, lecture slides, literature, etc.) for the lecture available for download.

Moodle also serves as a workspace for the students' project groups.

The university portal "lehre, studium, forschung"(LSF) provides students with all important information on courses, facilities, registration deadlines, rooms and buildings as well as people.

The course catalog, course schedules, current courses and canceled courses can be viewed. Students can create individual timetables for an overview by reserving individual courses. The LSF also allows all students to search for rooms and check room allocations.

General operating instructions for navigation can be found here.