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Specialization in urban planning

Contents and skills

Working on the city is as difficult as it is beautiful. Compared to working on the individual house, whose complexity is only underestimated by laymen and bad architects, the examination of the question how the individual house comes together with other houses, how the autonomy of the individual is balanced with the collectivity of the larger whole, how these spatial constellations and social, functional, economic and technical systems ultimately become places over time, in which we not only enjoy living, but which we even connect beyond the good everyday life with the best moments of our thoughts and memories of their harmonious, wild, brittle, mysterious beauty with longing, then this examination seems all the more a job for naive dreamers or arrogant idiots. Or simply for very well-trained, curious, clear-thinking, serious, persistent, meticulous, loving and passionately creative architects. By completing the specialization in urban design, the additional qualification as an urban planner is acquired.

Compulsory choice of subjects for the specialization

  •  Urban planning design in advanced design (module 202)
  • all optional subjects from subject group B in elective area 1 + 2 (modules 208/209)