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Doctorates since 1974


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Heinrich, Jens

Fatigue and bond behavior of strand tendons under dynamic loading in the fatigue and endurance strength range

Prof. Maurer

Holtkamp, Svenja

On the influence of hot-dip galvanizing on the fatigue strength of composite dowel bars in composite bridge construction

Prof. Ungermann

Khan, Goran

Climate-friendly construction - urban development and architecture in Kalar

Prof. Willems

Smolibowski, Gerhard

Derivation of the mercantile depreciation of residential real estate on the basis of an empirical study

Prof. Čadež

Kuna, Ingo

The successful square - An empirical study based on selected examples of city squares in Berlin

Prof. Mäckler


Liedmann, Jan Elastic-Plastic Design Sensitivities based on Variational Analysis and Applications in Optimal Specimen Design

Prof. Barthold

Reuschenberg, Ute The architect P. F. Schneider (1901-1981). Aspects of post-war architecture in West Germany

Prof. Sonne

Waschinsky, Navina Structural Optimization of Diffusio-Driven Processes

Prof. Barthold

Schneider, Stephan On the shear stiffness of column frames made of thin-walled, cold-formed steel profiles

Prof. Ungermann

Braun, Franziska On the determination of the long-term ratio of hydrophobized natural stone surfaces under the influence of natural weathering

Prof. Orlowsky

Deckert, Marcel Design earth pressure and settlement development in integral bridges

Prof. Hettler

Spruce, Alexander Urban residential quarters in Venice (1918-1939) - The urban form between satisfaction of needs and aesthetics

Prof. Sun

Molod, Mohammad Amin Esmail Strengthening Reinforced Concrete Column-beam Joints with Modular Shape Memory Alloy Plate Optimized through Probabilistic Damage Prediction

Prof. Barthold

Wiegand, Alexander Renovation of cassette profile facades with a new outer shell made of sandwich elements

Prof. Ungermann


Lücke, Martin Weak point analysis of pricing for construction services - recommendations for action for the German construction market -

Prof. Gralla

Seyedpour, Seyed Morteza Simulation of contaminant transport in groundwater: From pore-scale to large scale

Prof. Ricken


Lenz, Lisa Theresa Evaluation system for decision support of factory building adaptations based on Building Information Modeling

Prof. Gralla

Gleich, Philipp The extended pressure sheet model for describing the concrete load-bearing component under shear force

Prof. Maurer

Kämereit, Christopher

The role of construction in sustainable building design

Prof. Ötes

Gerhards, Monique

Working and living in 18th century urban quarters using the example of the old town of Remscheid-Lennep - the development of the variety of uses from 1900 to the present day

Prof. Mäckler

Albrecht, Daniel

Modeling of a fiber-reinforced hyperelastic, two-phase material using a two-phase continuum model taking into account osmotic and damaging effects

Prof. Ricken


Kijanski, Wojciech Structural optimization of multiscale problems based on numerical homogenization using FE² analysis

Prof. Barthold

Groth, Sebastian Repair of neo-Gothic residential buildings in Hanover

Prof. Sonne

Osterhage, Tanja Measurement data-based analysis and interpretation of renovation-related efficiency improvements in residential construction

Prof. Willems


Bolk, Mark Productivity reductions due to night work and other influencing factors in conventional track renewal work Prof. Gralla
Hagemeier, Anne Dynamic simulation based on measurement data to analyze energy consumption in hospitals Prof. Willems
Hofmann, Sascha Evaluation of the sustainability of construction companies - development of an evaluation model for the tendering and awarding of construction services in building construction Prof. Čadež
Kattenstedt, Simone Investigation into the modeling and numerical simulation of the transverse load-bearing behavior of reinforced concrete beams Prof. Maurer
Moj, Lukas A two-scale, two phase model for the numerical simulation of thermal driven soldification processes during casting and forming of metallic materials Prof. Ricken
Mpangule, Juma

Implementing Building Information Modeling in Tanzania

Prof. Gralla

Preckwinkel, Eva

Load-bearing behavior of hybrid load-bearing structures made of steel and gals

Prof. Ungermann

Rademacher, Dennis Safe application of fire-incinked components in steel and composite bridge construction Prof. Ungermann
Werner, Daniel Two Scale Multi-component and Multi-phase Model for the Numerical Simulation of Growth Processes in Saturated Porous Media under Consideration of Bio-chemical Processes - at the Example of the Human Liver Prof. Ricken
Wertenbroch, Axel Reinforcement of masonry walls with textile-reinforced concrete elements to improve the load-bearing properties under earthquake loading Prof. Ötes


Berghorn, Frauke

Building with ruins today. Contrast or fusion

Prof. Sonne

Danne, Stefanie

Experimental and numerical studies on the behavior of sand under monotonic and low-cycle loading

Prof. Hettler

Haben, Michael

Housing construction in Berlin 1933 - 1945 Apartment buildings, housing estates and settlements

Prof. Sonne

Heeke, Guido

Investigations into the fatigue strength of reinforcing steel and prestressing steel in the fatigue and endurance strength range with very high numbers of load cycles

Prof. Maurer

Müller, Matthias

On the shear-resistant connection of compression chords in box girder bridges

Prof. Maurer

Schulte, Sabine Kristin

Contrast or fusion? Building with ruins today

Prof. Sonne

Skottke, Tanja

Vacuum insulation elements with glass cover layers

Prof. Willems


Harling, Andreas

Masts and towers made of high-strength concrete. Realistic recording of the cracking of cylindrical structures

Prof. Maurer
Hegert, Harriet Applicability of the subgrade reaction modulus method with the aid of mobilization functions for the prediction of wall displacements in non-cohesive soils Prof. Hettler

Heinendirk, Eva-Maria

Profitability calculation for investment decisions of retail real estate Development of a model for decision support of institutional investors

Prof. Čadež

Kolodziejczyk, Agnieszka Investigations into the tilting of slender reinforced concrete and prestressed concrete beams of any geometry using non-linear FEM Prof. Maurer
Apfelbaum, Alexandra Public Building in the Changing Bonn Republic. The work of the architect Bruno Lambart 1949-1990 Prof. Sonne
Beese, Christine New horizons in urban planning. The form of the city by Marcello Piacentini (1881-1960) Prof. Sonne
Ebbing, Georg The monumental street space: investigation into the morphology of an urban planning element of the city in Europe in the first half of the 20th century based on contemporary theories and projects Prof. Mäckler
Gerzen, Nikolai

Analysis and Applications of Variational Sensitivity Information in Structural Optimization

Prof. Barthold
Burggräf, Sabine Marion The path of the idea. Peculiarities, genesis, modifications and effects of unequal project development ideas within a complex process under the influence of participating actors. A follow-up study of the International Building Exhibition Emscher Park in the 1990s Prof. Sonne
Lübke, Sebastian On the load-bearing capacity of sandwich elements under local loading Prof. Ungermann
Siebel, Alexander Efficient heating of buildings in solid construction with intermittent heating Prof. Willems
Walkowiak, Marcel Auxetic structuring concepts in the macroscopic scale range - Numerical investigations on the mechanical efficiency of multiphysically loaded cellular (hybrid) structures Prof. Obrecht
Günter, Melanie The Bochum architect Carl Pinnekamp (1872-1955) Prof. Sonne
Hellinger, Georg Development of a simplified calculation method for determining the transmission heat losses in the area of discontinuities of highly insulated buildings Prof. Willems
Kiziltan, Halil On the influence of the compression arch on the shear force resistance in prestressed concrete beams Prof. Maurer
Ahmad, Abdelraheem Characterization of natural and consolidated stones from Jordan with non-destructive Ultrasonic Technique and Physico-Mechanical Methods Prof. Middendorf
Klostermann, Oliver On the lateral-torsional buckling of bending-stressed I-sections with and without haunches Prof. Ungermann
Schönfelder, Uwe Thomas Method for determining the wear reserve of building materials as a basis for maintenance strategies using the example of the building envelope Prof. Gralla
Strohmann, Isabel On the lateral-torsional buckling of bending stressed I-sections with and without haunch Prof. Ungermann
Byabato, Kamugisha Photovoltaics in Government Services in Rural Areas of Tropical Developing Countries with Special Consideration of East Africa and Tanzania in particular Prof. Müller
Krause, Melanie A new concept for verifying the stability of anchor fixings in external thermal insulation composite systems (ETICS) Prof. Maurer
Materna, Daniel Stuctural and Sensitivity Analysis for the Primal and Dual Problems in the Physical and Material Spaces Prof. Barthold
Schlenger, Jörg Climatic Influences on the Energy Demand of European Office Buildings Prof. Müller
Sundermeier, Matthias Design proposals for a new contract code for construction services - an engineering-economic analysis of the VOB/B construction contract law Prof. Gralla
Arnold, Andreas

On the influence of constraint internal forces due to temperature in structures made of structural concrete with and without prestressing

Prof. Maurer
Djouahra, Gudrun Behavior of reinforced concrete components under a combined load and centric constraint Prof. Maurer
Elsche, Björn Computational modeling of the stresses and load-bearing capacity of bracing masonry walls Prof. Ötes
Glaubitt, André Optimized prediction model for determining the dynamic elastic constants of concrete using reliable ultrasonic measurement technology Prof. Neisecke
Haps, Silke Industrial companies of architecture - general contractors of the early 20th century: The company Boswau & Knauer Prof. Hassler
Kalameya, Jens On the load-bearing capacity of steel C-sections subjected to compression and bending stresses Prof. Ungermann
Schmidt, Björn On the load-bearing behavior of bolted moment resisting end plate connections with 4 bolts in each bolt row Prof. Ungermann
Topp, Thomas On the load-bearing behavior of multilayer glass elements with integrated functional carriers using the example of glass lamellas with embedded holograms Prof. Ötes
Esiyok, Ümit Energy consumption and thermal comfort in pre-fabricated residential buildings in Turkey Prof. Müller
Holthaus, Ursula Economic model with risk assessment for project development Prof. Blecken
Just, Armin Investigations into the further development of chemically expanded, air-hardening, mineral-bonded foams Prof. Neisecke
Neethling, Johan Dirk Object-oriented documentation, visualization and evaluation of the planning and execution phases of a construction project Prof. Schiffers
Langenberg, Silke Buildings of the boom years - Architectural concepts and planning theories of the 60s and 70s Prof. Hassler
Schuster, Heide Daylight as reflected by the users. On the user acceptance of sun protection and light control systems in offices Prof. Müller
Secin, Roberto Comparison and possibilities for improvement of state support systems for the creation of living space in Argentina and Germany Prof. Schiffers
Dötsch, Anja The Löwenburg in Wilhelmshöhe Palace Park. An artificial ruin of the late 18th century Prof. Hassler
Feuerabend, Thomas Planning and project management on the basis of relational data models Prof. Schiffers
Kroos, Peter Heinrich Wolff and the buildings of the Reichsbank Building Office 1918-1945 Prof. Hassler
Löring, Stephan On the load-bearing behavior of masonry buildings under earthquake action Prof. Ötes
Nister, Oliver The construction management and construction economics aspects of project development contracts from the perspective of "incomplete contracts" Prof. Blecken
Strauß, Stephan Eckhard Schulze-Fielitz and the spatial city Prof. Hassler
Wagner, Wolfgang Architectural integration of systems for the use of renewable energy Prof. Müller
Bielefeld, Bert Architectural export in the European Union Framework conditions, implementation and economic efficiency for German planners Prof. Blecken
Fasel, Frank Development of a preparatory system for costing and work preparation in turnkey building construction with special consideration of the finishing trades in the global lump sum contract Prof. Blecken
Jagnow, Kati (FH) Energetic and economic evaluation of quality assurance measures for heating system technology Prof. Schramek
Keiter, Thorsten Bulk material loads with imperfect silo walls Prof. Obrecht
Meinen, Heiko Quantitative risk management in the construction industry Prof. Blecken
Smida, Michael Load-bearing behavior of bending-stressed cantilever beams with T-shaped cross-section made of steel Prof. Ungermann
Berger, Simone Numerical modeling of the pressure- and rate-dependent elastic-plastic behavior of metallic materials Prof. Obrecht
Gutjahr, Stephan Optimized calculation of unsupported excavation walls in sand Prof. Hettler
Iding, Andreas Economic efficiency and benefit analyses as an integrative component of construction project development Prof. Leimböck
Kadhim, Mazin Roughness of concrete surfaces 3D laser measurement and description of the roughness of concrete surfaces Friction and force transmission between old and new buildings under non-stationary load Prof. Schäfer
Ricci, Sabine Non-local modeling of the failure and damage behavior of elastic-plastic materials Prof. Obrecht
Ssengooba-Kasule, William Daylighting and Sun-shading in Buildings in Tropical Regions. An example of Virika Hospital, Kasese, Uganda Prof. Müller
Hölkermann, Oliver The processes of decision-making as a function of information systems Prof. Leimböck
Katschke, Silke Protection and repair of exposed aggregate concrete surfaces Prof. Neisecke
Körner, Sabine The claim and material reality of glass - The buildings for the German Bundestag in Bonn and Berlin since 1949 Prof. Nalbach
Maier, Thomas Numerical modeling of softening in the context of hypoplasticity Prof. Hettler
Pasquay, Till Energetic behavior of double facades - evaluation of three measured examples Prof. Müller
Romhein, Rajeh Computer-aided design, production and work control of finishing parts Prof. Becken
Schmitz, Hans Jürgen Acceptance of workplace conditions in atriums with special consideration of daylight conditions Prof. Müller
Schriek, Thomas Decision support for the selection of the optimal organizational form of construction projects Prof. Blecken
Wintscher, Vera Development and testing of sensors for the measurement of slip and steel strain in normal concrete and shotcrete reinforced beams Prof. Schäfer
Wollbold, Frithjof About an imaging ultrasonic echo - method for non-destructive testing of concrete components Prof. Neisecke
Worch, Anatol Considerations and experiments on the detection of water vapor transfer on component surfaces Prof. Müller
Banck, Barbara Industrial modernity and regional identity Prof. Hassler
Bing, Li Shotcrete-reinforced reinforced concrete columns Prof. Ungermann
Ehlting, Dieter Prefabrication and further optimization approaches in construction Prof. Hettler
Engelfried, Robert On the influence of layer thickness and ageing on the effectiveness of surface protection systems for concrete components Prof. Neisecke
Görres, Markus Development of a calculation method to optimize the energy consumption of artificial lighting Prof. Schramek
Makunza, John Kassian Design concept for concrete grid walls Prof. Neisecke
Heukelbach, Bernd Designing and building with steel push-in fittings Prof. Polónyi
Maschinski, Detlef Planning for public areas for postal and telecommunications customers Prof. Deilmann
Roxlau, Uwe The influence of realistic boundary conditions on the buckling resistance of slab elements in thin-walled cross-sections Prof. Fischer
Abdel-Rahmann, Khalid Numerical investigations of scale effects of earth pressure in sand Prof. Hettler
Ali, Hany Functional performance description and design planning - A contribution to the standardization of functional performance description and computer-aided design planning methodology for new competition models in the construction industry Prof. Blecken
Berger, Sven Engineering models, finite element analysis and dimensioning for the realistic determination of the overall stability failure of composite steel beams Prof. Fischer
Cai, Yongjie Dortmund squares, a typological study of their historical development Prof. Nußbaum
Chu, Beom Development of a concept for urban and residential construction in Seoul - possibilities for housing and urban development based on tradition Prof. Pfeffer
Gralla, Mike New forms of competition and contracts for the German construction industry Prof. Blecken
Jablonski, Michael Construction management studies and optimization approaches for sound insulation-relevant interior components in multi-family residential buildings Prof. Blecken
Lee, Eung-Jik Investigation of the application possibilities of PV on buildings in South Korea Prof. Müller
Rauscher, Thomas Modeling the frictional rolling contact of elasto-plastic metallic solids. Prof. Obrecht
Schweingruber-Straten, Manfred Generation of surface meshes according to the domain splitting technique Prof. Rank
Besler, Detlef Realistic recording of the footing support and the deformation behavior of supported excavation walls. Prof. Hettler
Höper, Frank Primary energy comparison of solar-assisted cooling methods for building air conditioning. Prof. Schramek
Küffner, Peter Considerations and experiments on the development of a pressure-relieved insulating glass pane. Prof. Klopfer
Labbert, Heinrich The reduction of additional personnel costs in the German construction industry. Prof. Leimböck
Lee, Yong-Kwang Influencing factors of different atrium types on the overall energy balance of office buildings Prof. Müller
Mechnig, Michael The adaptability of construction planning to internal and external modification requirements - inventory and development of an EDP-supported planning concept. Prof. Schiffers
Banck, Udo Peter Structural approach to the optimization of rational energy technologies using the example of domestic ventilation with heat recovery. Prof. Schramek
Dießenbacher, Claus Computer simulation and visualization in architecture. Prof. Rank
Emmerich, Heike Simulation of road traffic with cellular automata. Prof. Rank
Homann, Martin Considerations and tests on the crack-bridging ability and dimensioning of coating systems for industrial floors. Prof. Klopfer
Msambichaka, Joseph Adapted technology for the repair of concrete structures in developing countries. Prof. Schäfer
Speier, Ludger Large elastic-plastic deformations and failure mechanisms of plane structures. Prof. Obrecht
Jonas, Michael Possible applications of ultrasonic frequency analysis for the non-destructive testing of mineral building materials and components. Prof. Neisecke
Krause, Roland Multiscale computations with a combined h- and p- version of the finite-element-method. Prof. Rank
Park, Sun-Woo The under-tensioned beam grid. Prof. Polónyi
Shirima, Laurent Design of reinforced blockwork water storage tanks. Prof. Schäfer
Altaha, Nasser Measurement and interpretation of the diffusion and storage of sulphur dioxide in building materials and building protection agents. Prof. Klopfer
Bohnenkamp, Jürgen New urbanity on old sites, vitalization of industrial wastelands through a planning model of mixed functions. Prof. Deilmann
Jacob, Matthias Strategic corporate planning in construction companies. Prof. Leimböck
Krafczyk, Manfred Simulation of disturbances with the lattice gas method. Prof. Rank
Ntibarigobeka, Stanislas Possibilities and limits of rationalization and industrialization of construction production in developing countries using the example of Burundi. Prof. Bauer
Seok,Lee Experiments and critical comments on some fundamentals of moisture storage and moisture transport in building materials Prof. Klopfer
Brune, Bettina A model for determining the load-bearing capacity of four-sided and three-sided supported steel plates under compressive loading. Prof. Fischer
Fockenberg, Klaus Planning principles for commercially operated sports and leisure facilities. Prof. Deilmann
Oberhaus, Heribert On the stability and serviceability of mineral thermal insulation composite systems. Prof. Schäfer
Priebe, Jürgen The method of effective widths and its use in the calculation of the cross-sectional load-bearing capacity of steel cross-sections subjected to compression. Prof. Fischer
Walter, Roy Wet mechanical cleaning techniques for contaminated soil, comparison of stable and stationary systems and demonstration of improvements in technical, operational and economic terms. Prof. Polónyi
Wirth, Stefan Influence of solar radiation on the heat demand and room air temperature of heated rooms. Prof. Trümper
Zhu, Jianzhong Geometrically and physically non-linear calculations of stiffened sheet steel structures susceptible to buckling. Prof. Fischer
Leiermann, Horst The technical reconstruction of old cities Prof. Deilmann
Mao, Peijun Earth resistance of sand as a function of wall movement and degree of saturation. Prof. Weißenbach
Piepmeier, Klaus Improved construction project control through systematic information management. Prof. Leimböck
Göksal, Türkan Requirements and decision criteria for the use of computers in the production of precast concrete elements using the example of façade element production. Prof. Petzschmann
Gunkel, Hans-Peter The binding of chloride in cement paste and the composition of chloride-containing pore solutions. Prof. Neisecke
Konowalczyk, Reiner Investigations into the load-bearing behavior of longitudinally loaded, unstiffened, three-sided supported slabs with geometrically determined load application. Prof. Fischer
Walter, Ralf The development of cost and activity accounting in the construction industry from a recording function in the Middle Ages to a mod. Controlling instrument. Prof. Leimböck
Albers, Karl-Josef Investigation into the introduction of geothermal heat exchangers for the conditioning of supply air for residential buildings. Prof. Trümper
Brunßen, Gerhard-Wilhelm Sisal fiber reinforced lost shell elements Prof. Schäfer
Jaspers, Hermann-Josef Prerequisites and criteria for the introduction of EDP in small and medium-sized building construction companies. Prof. Bauer
Maiß, Martin From cross ventilation to displacement ventilation in residential buildings. Prof. Trümper
Pegels, Udo-Alfred Concepts for energy-saving heat generation systems for apartments, from the point of view of the architect, operator and user. Prof. Trümper
Styn, Elma Differently supported circular foundations with ring reinforcement. Prof. Polónyi
Gersiek, Martin Load-bearing behavior of square reinforced concrete slabs freely rotatable and displaceable on all sides as a function of the reinforcement layout. Prof. Polónyi
Grube, Ralf Contribution to the load-bearing behavior of discretely longitudinally braced steel plates supported on all sides under compressive loading Prof. Fischer
Kahlen, Hans CAD application in architecture Prof. Kröplin
Leifert, Werner Cost planning as an integral part of the planning process for construction projects. Prof. Leimböck
Patzkowsky, Klaus Reinforcement of reinforced concrete beams with notched supports. Prof. Polónyi
Gieler Considerations and tests on the crack-bridging ability of special coating systems on facades. Prof. Klopfer
Jansen, Winfried Static studies on the dependencies of temperature, humidity and energy consumption in apartments with different ventilation systems. Prof. Trümper
Losansky, Günter Analysis and quantitative assessment of personal injury and property damage during excavation, trenching, underpinning, building stabilization and foundation work. Prof. Weißenbach
Neumann, Peter Ecologically oriented planning measures for settlement areas with residential use in suburban locations. Prof. Deilmann
Ricken A simple calculation method for one-dimensional, transient water vapor diffusion in building components with any layer structure. Prof. Schäfer
Schäfer, Jochen Earth resistance of narrow pressure surfaces in cohesive soils. Prof. Weißenbach
Schluchtmann, Hans-Joachim Architecture and surrealism - tendencies in contemporary architecture. Prof. Kleihues
Schmidt-Kehle Reduced shear cover in prefabricated slabs with in-situ concrete reinforcement Prof. Schäfer
Schöpp, Peter-Axel The application of the Galerkin method to the edge element method. PD Dr. Hartmann
Karpel, Roland Different architectural, urban and social characteristics of the settlement forms of Moroccan immigrants in Israel and their impact on their inhabitants. Prof. Pfeiffer
Rieger, Hugo Theoretical studies on the load-bearing behavior of bulbous fields with a transverse stiffener in the middle of the field. Prof. Fischer
Schäfer, Hans-Günther The method of economic analysis, illustrated using the example of steel halls. Prof. Polónyi
Wenk, Peter Load tests on long flank fillet welds subjected to predominantly static loads. Prof. Fischer
Kempfert, Hans-Georg On the load-bearing and deformation behavior of almost rigid foundation bodies clamped in the subsoil with a flat or inclined ground surface. Prof. Weißenbach
Mainka, Thomas The optimal handling of turnkey construction projects with regard to organization, contracting and production technology, illustrated by the example of room-lining finishing work Prof. Bauer
Pickhardt, Sabine Error estimation for selected finite elements. Prof. Szilard
Schmickler, Franz-Peter Investigations into the air humidity in apartments as a function of different ventilation systems using a new key figure. Prof. Trümper
Ziesing, Dirk Contribution to the geometrically non-linear calculation of spatial bar structures. Prof. Szilard
Gödde, Peter Study on the investigation of concrete tensile strength under high loading rate. Prof. Schäfer
Mora, Jeremiah Rotational capacity of reinforced concrete beams with special consideration of the influence of shear forces. Prof. Schäfer
Schwarz, Manfred On the numerical treatment of creep processes of metallic materials with the aid of mixed finite elements. Prof. Kröplin
Siebel, Lothar Temperature and moisture conditions in basements and under floors in contact with the ground. Prof. Trümper
Bollinger, Klaus On the load-bearing behavior and reinforcement of reinforced concrete slabs subjected to rotational symmetry. Prof. Polónyi
Schürmann, Ulrich Prestressed bolted connections for fixing reinforced concrete brackets. Prof. Eibl
Zotemantel, Rainer Calculation of slabs using the edge element method. Prof. Szilard
Drewnick, Michael Buildings for communal catering. Typology and system coordination. Prof. Deilmann
Kiessling, Hans Chapel schools in the Siegerland. Prof. Kleihues
Wagner, Wolfgang Building distance to the forest. Prof. Deilmann
Block, Klaus The hard transverse impact on steel, timber and reinforced concrete columns. Prof. Eibl
Klaes, Klaus Self-controlled centrifugal fan with an almost constant suction pressure - volume flow characteristic. Prof. Trümper
Landahl, Helmut Calculation of the pressure conditions in cylindrical silo cells for the filling state and at the start of emptying with non-linear constitutive law. Prof. Eibl
Bley, Herbert Indoor kitchens, investigation of humidity and temperature behavior in windowless indoor kitchens. Prof. Trümper
Husseini, Fuad Moisture distribution in porous building materials. A simple method for calculating transient water vapor diffusion processes based on DIN 4108. Prof. Klopfer
Ropers, Walter The change in shear force as the cause of the constriction of the effective width and its effect on the calculation of the two-legged slab beam with consideration of variable deformation assumptions for the individual cross-section parts. Prof. Eibl
Stolle, Reinhard Fundamentals, development and tests of a coupling of the data processing-oriented building and room book with a control system for process planning. Prof. Bauer
Süper, Wolfgang Computational investigation of reinforced concrete slabs subjected to impact loads. Prof. Eibl
Hübner, Reinhard Development of an approach to optimize the construction process of area and point construction sites. Prof. Bauer
Andoh, Charles Proposals for structural engineering development in Ghana with emphasis on roof and ceiling systems. Prof. Polónyi
Hartmann, Friedel Elastic potentials in areas with corners. Prof. Szilard
Licker, Adolf From the residential courtyard to the apartment block. A spatial idea of the city at the intersection of two opposites and its logistical form. Prof. Kleihues
Olk, Ulrich Development of a structural and process model for industrialized construction. Prof. Polónyi
Kohlmaier, Georg Cast iron supporting structures in greenhouse construction 1800-1870. Prof. Polónyi
by Sartory, Barna Shell-like constructions made of iron and glass in the 19th century. Prof. Kleihues
Kesting, Klaus Calculation of reinforced concrete walls under consideration of geometric and physical non-linearity. Prof. Eibl
Rehmann, Johannes Computer-aided acquisition and processing of planning and control information for technical and non-technical fit-out in building construction projects. Prof. Bauer
Nickel, Walter Operating system and cost accounting in industrialized construction. Prof. Bauer
Eichelmeyer, Wolfgang Determinants for the planning and construction of upper secondary school centers. Prof. Deilmann
Heine, Klaus-Michael Contribution to a decision-making system for those involved in the planning process on the relationship between construction, industrial production and the resulting structural costs on the basis of a synthetic cost analysis for residential buildings in panelized construction. Prof. Bauer
Merkel, Karl-Heinz Rehabilitation of the disabled as an integrated part of health care and medical care - construction planning approaches and models. Prof. Deilmann
Pelle, Clemens Contribution to the calculation of skew-supported, single-cell, solid box bridges. Prof. Eibl
Winkler, Gerd Contribution to the creation of cost influence fields for partially optimized building structures as a decision-making aid for the planning of multi-storey buildings, illustrated using the example of a reinforced concrete skeleton structure. Prof. Polónyi
Hartmann, Dietrich Optimization of beam-like cylindrical shells made of reinforced concrete with elastic and plastic material behaviour Prof. Polónyi