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If you have any questions about the degree program, the application process, the course content or your individual course of study, the study coordinators are the right people to talk to. Susanne Reinemann (Architecture and Urban Planning | on parental leave), Kevin Groß-Bölting (Architecture and Urban Planning + Real Estate and Construction Management) and Axel Wertenbroch (Civil Engineering) are also available to help you with personal problems and are always grateful for suggestions and criticism regarding the course of studies. You can also have credits from a previous degree course (for placement in a higher semester) or from a semester abroad recognized here.

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The Faculty of Architecture and Civil Engineering has set up the International Student Office (ISO) to support our international exchange students. We are there for you if you have any questions or difficulties at the beginning of and during your semester abroad. Come to our office hours, make an appointment or send us an e-mail. We also advise all Dortmund students who are interested in studying abroad and would like to apply.

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Students of the Faculty of Architecture and Civil Engineering are supported by Team 2 of the Examination Administration in all examination matters (dates, registration and deregistration, behavior in case of illness, entering grades in BOSS, issuing grade certificates and transcripts, etc.). Send e-mail

The staff at the Registrar 's Office are responsible for all study formalities and can advise you on applying for a study place and all questions relating to enrolment, re-registration, semester fees, certificates of enrolment, leave of absence, de-registration, etc.

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The International Office supports and advises all prospective international students when applying for a place and during their studies. Among other things, all questions regarding the necessary documents, proof of education and language certificates are answered here. The International Office is also responsible for supporting all exchange students - both incoming and outgoing students.

Having doubts about your studies is nothing to be ashamed of. Around half of all students think about whether they have chosen the right degree course during the course of their studies. Do you have doubts about your degree course? Dr. Rucktäschel will be happy to help you if you have any doubts.

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The students of the faculty who volunteer in the student council are available to help their fellow students with problems and questions about their studies and represent the entire student body in the faculty's decision-making committees. The student council is also responsible for organizing the student workroom and organizes the welcome week for first-year students on the two Bachelor's degree programs every winter semester - during this week, the new students get to know the campus, the faculty and everything important about their studies.

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The Mathematics HelpDesk supports students of the Bachelor of Civil Engineering in advanced mathematics. In addition to the obligatory attendance of the preliminary math course before starting their studies, students should seek regular support here at an early stage to help them work through the content of lectures and exercises and prepare for exams. The Math HelpDesk homepage also contains helpful files on the content of higher mathematics.

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The Central Student Advisory Service (ZSB ) provides information on the general framework conditions for studying at a university, the various courses on offer and study requirements at TU Dortmund University, gives tips on how to prepare for your studies and also provides assistance in the event of difficulties during your studies, examination problems and if you are planning to change or even drop out of your studies. The ZSB also organizes numerous information events for pupils and prospective students.

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As part of the Central Student Advisory Service, the Psychological Student Advisory Service is a service facility for all students at TU Dortmund University. A team of currently four psychologists with further training in behavioral therapy or depth psychology helps with crisis-ridden courses of study and personal or family problems. Psychological counselling is not based on an understanding of illness, but rather strives to provide support in developing coping strategies in difficult life situations and to increase the ability to study and satisfaction. All counseling services are free of charge. The psychotherapists are, of course, subject to legal confidentiality, so all conversations are treated confidentially.

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Are you studying at TU Dortmund University with a disability or chronic illness or are you interested in studying at TU Dortmund University? A variety of questions, individual needs and hurdles can arise in the run-up to and during the course of studying with a disability or chronic illness. DoBuS, the Disability and Studies Department at TU Dortmund University, will be happy to advise you!

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The General Students' Committee, or AStA for short, represents the student body at the university and is therefore something like the student "government". The representatives are elected by the student parliament, there is a chairperson and officers for various areas such as culture, sport and social affairs. In addition to representing students, the AStA offers a range of services, such as legal and social advice, housing and job placement and discounted photocopying.

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